A type of window furnishing that may not be considered as often as other design elements are window shutters. Boca Raton residents often turn to blinds or curtains to dress up their windows. However, shutters can provide you with an alternative that also delivers specific practical benefits.

Thermal and Sound Insulation
When you have your shutters closed, the wood panels are able to provide you with a certain amount of heat insulation as well as good sound insulation. When the weather is warmer in the summer, you can open the windows with the panel shot, allowing air to flow in while you keep the heat of the sun outside of your interior space.

You could achieve the same results with heavy, thick curtains if you wanted to opt for a traditional look in your living area. Where thick fabrics are not ideal or desired, window shutters in Boca Raton are good alternative, particularly for the bathroom or kitchen.

Increased Privacy
When shutters are close, they cover the entire window. You can adjust the louvers to allow light to enter, while still retaining considerable privacy. This is similar to how you can adjust the niche and blinds, allowing a certain amount of light to come in while retaining privacy. Curtains, however are either open or closed and without a net behind them to filter light, you sacrifice privacy for light coming into your space.

Minimal Maintenance Required
Window shutters require minimal maintenance when compared to curtains or blinds and attract dust. Shutters are easy to clean with a simple white down of the damp cloth on occasion to prevent dust buildup.

Enhanced Curb Appeal
Prospective buyers may find shutters and attractive element to your home. They are considered a semi-permanent feature, but can also be removed and replaced with curtains or blinds if preferred by the homeowner or buyer.

UV Ray Protection

Shutters that have louvers can be adjusted to control the amount of light entering a room. With the panels fully open, you can allow light to flood the room. By adjusting the louvers, you can direct light in the desired direction; for instance, away from flooring and furniture to prevent fading issues.

Some shutters are finished with a protective UV layer which shields wooden paint finishes and can prevent panels from warping.
Contact an experienced window treatment company today to further explore your window shutter options.

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