Believe it or not, winter time is tougher on many boats, than actually being out on the water during the summertime. Experts agree that long periods of inactivity cause actually make the wear and tear on a boat worse, and can cause breakdowns when the next season starts. This contributes to the increased need for Boat Repair in Wichita, KS when the summer season rolls around. Below you will find some tips for how to prepare your boat for the winter season, so that you want need Boat Repair in Wichita, KS when the summer begins.

Start with a Clean Boat

You never want to put your boat away for the winter without cleaning it first. You should wash the topsides, bottom and deck, then wax any areas that need to be waxed. You will want to clean all of the trim and any hardware on the boat as well. Any cosmetic problems should be taken care of before the boat is put up for its winters nap. Doing this will cut down on the wear and tear over the long winter, and make the boat easier to get ready for the summer when the weather starts heating up. It will also save you on needing Boat Repair in Wichita, KS, before you can even get out on the water.

Flush the Cooling System

With certain kinds of boats, you will want to flush out the cooling system, so that you can flush out any salt, dirt, and corrosion left from the summer of fun. If you live in a climate that has extremely cold temperatures, you will want to run antifreeze through the cooling system as well, to ensure that it doesn’t freeze up over the winter.

Make sure to Treat Your Engine Right

Taking time to clean your engine and make sure that it is up to par before the winter cold hits, will ensure that your engine will treat you right, next summer. You don’t want to have to have Boat Repair in Wichita KS before you can get out on the water to do the one thing you love above all else, sail free.



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