The cost of a breast augmentation can be a considerable factor for the woman looking into having this procedure done. Generally speaking, health insurance policies do not cover cosmetic procedures. Therefore, the issue of breast augmentation cost is important as well as how that cost is distributed to the various aspects of the procedure.

Breakdown of Breast Augmentation Cost

Preparation involved in deciding whether to have a breast augmentation includes analyzing a list of costs associated with the procedure. By going over how much each aspect of a breast augmentation surgery costs, you can ask the right questions and make informed decisions about the procedure itself. Costs for breast augmentation can be affected by the following factors:

• Operating facility fee
• Surgeon fee
• Breast augmentation type
• Fee for postoperative prescriptions
• Fee for postoperative garments, i.e. compression garments
• Anesthetist’s fee

The level of complexity involved with your breast augmentation case can affect the total breast augmentation cost in Dallas you are required to incur.

Breast Implants Costs

You also have a decision to make in terms of a silicone or saline breast implant. The type of implant you receive will affect the cost rather significantly. Silicone implants are often about $1,000 more expensive than their saline counterparts. If you receive one of the newer types of implant designs, you may also incur greater cost. A silicone implant may cost around $2,000 with a saline implant costing you about $1,000

Breast Augmentation Total Cost

As it concerns the total cost of your breast augmentation, silicone implants can land you with a $5000-$7500 bill with saline implants costing approximately $4500-$7000.

Location and Cost

Other costs that affect the total breast augmentation cost in Dallas are associated with the location in which you have the procedure done. Experienced and prestigious surgeons may charge more, and particularly in an area in which the cost of living is higher.

For many women considering this procedure, cost is certainly an important factor in deciding about whether or what manner to have the procedure done. However, the quality of the surgeon and his or her experience is of vital importance, as well.

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