With Breezesta’s furniture, functionality meets style. Not only are Breezesta chairs uniquely designed and a stylish addition to any outdoor look, they are also functional. Each chair is made from High Density Polyethylene—basically recycled plastic bottles. Breezesta uses 400-500 discarded milk jugs and water bottles in every chair they manufacture. This means that Breezesta chairs are not only beautiful, they also help the environment by recycling waste. Because of the process through which they manufacture their chairs, each Breezesta product is resistant to mold and mildew. In addition, every chair comes with a lifetime warranty so chipping, cracking, rotting, peeling, and pest infestations are no longer a concern when purchasing outdoor furniture. So, when you purchase a Breezesta chair you can be sure that it will last a lifetime.

The Skyline collection is one of Breezesta’s most stylish assortments of furniture. The Skyline design features a signature double curved on the lower and top rails as well as curved armrests which makes the chairs both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. With the Skyline collection, function meets arrangement because the Skyline collection was designed with a view in mind. The high backs and evenly-spaced slats make the chairs comfortable and perfect for viewing the sun set from your patio or watching your children play in the back yard. The Skyline collection, like all of Breezesta’s collections, come in a variety of styles. From dining and garden chairs to benches and rockers, these stylish pieces will make a fabulous addition to any outdoor arrangement.

Offered in every shade of Breezesta’s featured colors, Skyline chairs can be ordered to match your current outdoor color scheme or to create an entirely new feel for your space. A soft, springtime patio featuring chairs in Pink Lemonade, Lilac, Sky Blue, and Seafoam will transform a drab patio into a bright and happy place to relax with your family. The Skyline collection can be mixed and matched with pieces from Breezesta’s other collections to create an outdoor space that is uniquely you.

Breezesta’s quality design and materials mean that the maintenance on the chair is almost zero. Even harsh weather conditions like wind, salt-water, sand, or rain do not harm the furniture and most people leave their Breezesta chairs outside year round. If the chairs do get dirty or need a little sprucing up, a simple cleaning wipe or bristle brush and water will remove dirt and leave your chair looking as good as new. Because Breezesta chairs are colored throughout, you also will never need to repaint them or worry about fading. You can visit Breezesta’s website at to look through their full line of outdoor chairs and patio furniture. Or you can visit Facebook page.

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