If you had to name the most infamous holiday food, you would most likely say the fruitcake. While some people love it, others despise it. The truth is, most people who dislike fruitcake have not tasted the right kinds. There are several recipes for fruitcake and it can be prepared many different ways. Whether you are a devoted lover or hater of this longtime holiday tradition, you are sure to enjoy the delectable goodness of a gourmet fruitcake.

Give Gourmet Fruitcakes A Chance

This dense cake, filled with nuts and dried candied fruits and often soaked in some form of alcohol, has been the subject of jokes and comedians for decades. If you are only familiar with dry, crumbly, unpleasant and chemical-laden store bought fruitcake, or a questionable brick-like recipe your relative makes every year, then maybe it’s time to try a gourmet fruitcake. As long as you know where to buy your fruitcake from, then you are in for a treat. Professional bakers use their knowledge and experience, along with the finest quality ingredients and time-honored methods, to whip up decadent delights.

Treat Yourself And Loved Ones To A Delectable, Fruit Studded Cake

A gourmet fruitcake is beautifully decorated by hand with candied or dried fruits and nuts. It tastes as good as it looks, with an amazing texture and consistency, the perfect level of sweetness and just the right amount of fruit and nuts. Gourmet chefs make a variety of fruitcakes, each with its own unique combination of certain kinds of fruit and nuts. Some even may add chocolate, for an even more delightful dessert! In addition, gourmet chefs can create delicious fruitcakes that are appropriate for people of all ages, backgrounds and dietary needs, such as alcohol-free, sugar-free, or kosher.

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