A retaining wall is a structure that retains lateral faces of dirt, water, or other materials. Retaining walls in Milwaukee, WI are built to prevent erosion from damaging homes or other structures. Retaining walls are perfect for those who live on a contoured lot. The walls can turn steep slopes into a terraced yard in hopes of creating a stair effect rather than a steep slope.

Creating Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be made of a variety of materials and built from various techniques. Materials include the following listed below.

  • Concrete blocks. Concrete offers a large amount of flexibility and varieties to choose from. They are designed to be set on a compacted gravel base and remain strong even when pressure is applied.
  • Stone veneer. Stone veneer is a protective material that is often used for decorative coverings of vertical walls or surfaces.
  • Brick. Perhaps one of the most popular of all building materials used, brick Retaining Walls in Milwaukee, WI are warm and inviting. They offer low-maintenance and are eco-friendly. Bricks also work extremely well for areas with unpredictable weather and other elements.

Choosing the right retaining wall

There are numerous things a homeowner should consider when determining which retaining wall will be best for their property. Listed below are a few tips to help choose the right one.

  • Determine the type of wall. Prior to signing a contract with a professional to build the retaining wall, it is important to decide on which material the wall will be made of.
  • It is important to determine how the wall will be used. Some homeowners may use their retaining walls to create a sitting area for guests, while others may use it for aesthetics or protection.
  • Plan for drainage. When building the wall, it is important to plan for water drainage. Few things are worse than coming home to find the backyard has standing water. It is important to add gravel and fabric to cover the base of the wall. Doing so helps will help with the drainage process.

Retaining walls do more than just hold soil, reduce flooding, and prevent damage. The wall may also add personality to the outdoor living space. It is important that the homeowner feels pleased with the decisions they have made. For more tips and information, visit the website.

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