Kamloops is a historical place where making friends and securing business roots in natural demand. Branding that small-town feel amounts to preserving old practices amongst contemporary demands. The current need for construction maintains a marked call for residential and commercial development. Considering local economic progress, the possibilities for employment rank high.


As of July 25, 2019, the labor need for Kamloops construction has grown so that it’s difficult to get enough workers. In summary, the shortage of skilled labor marks the recent construction season with an inability to finish on time. Most businesses cite a longer period of inactivity as the Trans Mountain expansion will siphon off what little labor remains.

The solution to hiring for carpenters through electricians is an increase in salary. The rise in compensation puts an apprentice’s earnings at $60,000 a year with a guarantee of 30% more after two years of employment. The Canadian Apprentice forum estimates that British Columbia has an average need of 50,000 workers by 2023. This evaluation is a call to significant opportunity.


With projects lingering on “to finish” lists, an attraction to available older buildings may come about in this real estate crunch. For those temporary solutions, burgeoning businesses may include not only updating interiors but also bringing sites up to code. Some Kamloops construction businesses work the restoration of residential and commercial sites. As real estate is a hot commodity in Kamloops, it makes sense to consider districts affected by wind, water and fire for revitalization.

For a restoration company, the labor must be commensurate with the costs involved. Quality workmanship mandates a high level of efficiency in customer service and on-site completion. Reliability is the watchword for Thompson Valley Restoration DKI. Contact them if your establishment becomes a sensitive risk to fire, wind or flood damage. Review their website at thompsonvalleyrestorationdki.ca.

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