Over time, your tires wear down and will need to be replaced. If you are unsure if your tires need replacing, there are a few simple tricks you can use to determine if you need new tires. You can also stop in to your local tire store and ask them to inspect your tires. They can let you know how much tire life you have left and help you choose your next set of tires.

One of the most simple and time honored ways to check the tread on your tires is the Abe Lincoln penny test. Take a penny, and place it upside down in the center of the tread with Abe Lincoln facing you. If you cannot see Lincoln, your tires are fine. If you can barely see the top of his head, start looking for new tires. If you can see most of Lincoln’s head, replace your times immediately.

Low tire tread is not the only sign that your tires need replacing. If there are bulges or bubbles in the sidewall, you need to replace your tires immediately. Bulges or bubbles in the sidewall mean the internal frame of your tire has been damaged and air has reached the outer layers of the tire where it should not be.

If you are not sure if your tires need replacing, just pull into your local tire shop. They will be happy to inspect your tires for free. They will be able to easily tell if your tires have worn down and need replacing. They can even tell you how much life your tires have left.

If you need new tires, they can help you choose the best tires for your vehicle. You will want to purchase tires that are the same size as your current set. Sullivan tires offer high quality tires for affordable prices. Your local tire store can help you choose the brand that works best for your vehicle.

Remember to regularly check the tread on your tires and visually inspect them for any unusual bulges, bubbles and cracks. If you are not sure how your tires are doing, just stop into your local tire shop. They can inspect your tires and fix you up with new Sullivan tires if you need them. Neal Tire serves customers in the Bloomington, IL area.

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