Many people have heard of the benefits of Delta-8 THC, but don’t know where to buy it. It’s become sought after in places where recreational marijuana has not been legalized. This is due to a legal loophole that classifies Delta 8 THC in the same way as CBD products since delta-8 is extracted from hemp.

Until the FDA changes its rules, people can Buy Delta 8 THC in the form of tinctures, edibles, and vapes.

Delta-9 THC is what gets you high when you use marijuana. Delta-8 THC produces a milder but similar high to delta-9 THC. Users estimate that delta-8 THC is half as potent as delta-9 THC.

However, many people prefer the milder high produced by delta-8 THC. The fact is, full-strength Delta 9 THC can cause negative effects in some people. These negative effects can include anxiety and paranoia. On the other hand, delta-8 THC generally produces happiness, mild euphoria, relief of insomnia, and mild pain. Many users also say that delta-8 THC produces a creative, gentle high. While delta-8 has a reputation for a mild high, it shouldn’t be used at times where you need to be alert.

While delta-8 THC seems to fall somewhere in between CBD and marijuana, it will cause a failed drug test. So, if you must submit to a drug test for work, don’t use delta-8 products. Please use any THC product in moderation.

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