In Illinois, property owners review garage doors based on their overall benefits. When reviewing insulated steel doors, the property owners discover thermacore options. The products are a better choice for energy efficiency and style. A local contractor provides thermacore Garage Doors Homewood for all property owners now.

Thermacore Garage Doors

The thermacore garage doors provide property owners with maximum thermal efficiency and lowered energy costs. The products include a solid steel construction with two layers of steel encasing polyurethane. The design features thermal breaks that prevent air from entering the garage and the property. The doors provide more versatility and accommodate all climates effectively. The current designs include standard, long, and flush.

Color Options for the Thermacore Garage Doors

Currently, the thermacore Garage Doors Homewood are available in a wide variety of colors. The colors include but are not limited to gray, hunter green, sandstone, terra bronze, and black. The products are also available with a wood grain finish as well. The wood grain selections include walnut, mission oak, and golden oak.

What are the Features of the Products?

Currently, the features of the thermacore garage doors include continuous layers of foam and polyurethane insulation. The steel design is corrosion resistant and offers maximum thermal efficiency. The R-value for the doors ranges from 9.31 to 17.5 based on the model selected by the property owners. The property owner has the option to choose steel backing, wood grain textures, and a galvanized steel exterior coating.

The doors are installed with bulb-style weather sealing that prevents common issues associated with rain and snow. It also provides protection against high-velocity winds. The weather sealing also provides a cushion for the door and prevents damage.

All doors come with limited lifetime warranties for the door themselves and a three-year warranty on the components that come with the door.

In Illinois, property owners choose thermacore garage doors for maximum energy efficiency and lower heat transfer. The products are constructed of galvanized steel and feature a polyurethane insulation layer. The products also come in a variety of colors and textures. Property owners who want to learn more about thermacore Garage Doors Homewood contact A Better Door & Window or visit for more info now.

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