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Why a Planned Retirement Community is the Ideal Alzheimer Care Facility

Many seniors and their families are surprised to find that professional memory-loss help is available at local retirement communities. However, once they research facilities such as a Fountain View Active Retirement Community, they learn that each one of these active residences also doubles as

Senior Living in Farmington, CT Provides a Number of Benefits for Residents

If your parent can no longer care for themselves at home without assistance, you may want to consider moving them to a place designed for Senior Living in Farmington, CT.  Although the safety and well-being of your parent is the number one concern, there

When Might You Need Assisted Living In Southern Maryland MD?

Assisted living – isn’t that the politically correct phrase to cover sending you old folks off to a nursing home? There are people who think like that but they are very wrong; assisted living in Maryland, MD means exactly what it sounds like (and