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The Evolution of the Volkswagen Jetta

Pronounced as a new model for 1980 the Volkswagen Jetta has charmed the car purchasing community for twenty-eight years. Named by Volkswagen after the Jet Stream, the Jetta is the sedan style of Volkswagen’s groundbreaking compressed the Golf. The Jetta, established for the North

Truck Wheel Alignment; Why It Is Important

Correct alignment of truck wheels is extremely important. Alignment is more than just extending the life of the vehicle tires; it is essential for proper steering, stability, vehicle performance and of course, safety. Those who perform the truck repair in Oak Lawn agree that

Where to Buy Used Truck Parts in New Haven, CT

Common truck parts for the latest models are generally available through local dealerships and specialized spare parts stores. However, what about older models that are no longer in production? If you own an older truck and are looking for used truck parts, there are

Common Auto Repairs

Car repairs come with the territory when you own a car. Even with proper preventative care and maintenance, you should always be prepared to deal with the unexpected vehicle fix. Following is a list of some of the most common auto repairs that are

Common Reasons a Vehicle Might Need a CV Shaft Repair in Glendale, AZ

Modern passenger vehicles are extremely complex, but they also tend to be very reliable. Thanks to decades of research, development, and careful engineering, manufacturers have figured out ways of turning out components that can last through a hundred thousand miles or more of driving.

Pre-Shopping Tips for Used Cars in Billings MT

Shopping for a used car is an exciting time because you have so many options. Also, you’re finally doing something about the old clunker which has been a real pain lately. However, before you hit the car lots, here are some helpful tips to

Bankruptcy Car Loans In Tulsa OK Are Possible – But How?

Buying a vehicle is a stressful time, but after going through bankruptcy in Tulsa OK, you may be embarrassed or worried that no one will even consider your application. Likewise, you may worry that you’ll get exorbitant interest rates and will get yourself into

Why You Need The 2017 Subaru Impreza

While most people hear such negative things about new vehicles, it still makes sense to consider the 2017 Subaru Impreza because of its value, longevity, and safety features. You’ll be amazed at what your new vehicle can do, and you’ll also turn a few

The Advantages of Letting Professionals Maintain and Repair Your Heavy Duty Truck

If you are looking for a lucrative and freedom filled job, being a truck driver is a great option. One of the most essential things you need when trying to have success with this type of work is a good running heavy duty truck.

Is a Dump Truck in Texas the Right Choice for You?

Do you need to haul heavy or bulky materials for your Texas business? Maybe some of these materials are in bulk. You could continue to pay for deliveries, but you can cut costs when you pick up your own loads with a dump truck.