With a little bit of forward thinking, regular maintenance of your home plumbing in Macon GA can keep the system working well year in and year out. Plumbing does not require a great deal of work and with just a little time expended now and again you can minimize those problems that if left undone can turn out to be expensive and time consuming.

Let’s look at the plumbing in the bathroom first:

1. If there are any faucets which are dripping, repair them as soon as they are noticeable. When you look at a dripping faucet it is hard to imagine that the amount of water lost can be significant, you can easily lose a number of expensive gallons every day.

2. If there are any drains that appear to be running slow there may be a small clog. Debris and soapy scum can collect in the drains; as a result the water will begin to slow down. You will save yourself time and money by unclogging a drain when it is not completely plugged.

3. If you think the water pressure has dropped, check the aerators on the faucets. Over time, calcium in the water will collect on the aerator screen, simply unscrew the aerator and clean the calcium debris from the screen.

4. Over time the working parts of your toilet can begin to wear out, the result will be running water. When you realize that you have to shake the flush handle to get the water to stop running, you know there is a problem. There are repair kits readily available; they are cheap and easy to work with.

Now the kitchen:

1. Kitchen plumbing maintenance in Macon GA is also something that takes a little care. Check under the sink to see if there is any evidence of a leak, if there is it may be coming from the basket strainer or a faucet. Find the fault and repair it in a timely fashion.

2. The garbage disposal can also be a source of a leak, check it for any signs, if you see anything it may be best to refer to the handbook as this may take professional attention.

3. Make sure the sink drain is kept clean. A great deal of debris can enter the “P” trap and quickly begin a clog There are a number of drain cleaners that can be used, including some which can be made from common kitchen materials.

You will also want to keep a watchful eye on your sewers and septic system, at the first sign of trouble have the problem fixed.

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