Child Custody is one of the most complex issues there are during a divorce. There are both federal and state laws that govern child custody. Many people presume that a mother always gets primary custody of their child; however, this is not true. Generations ago, the mother was almost always the primary caregiver of the children while the father was supporting them. Today, many fathers are the primary caregivers while the mother is supporting them. Various standards are set for child custody and visitation. Some standards are:

  Primary caregiver (the person who takes care of the child on a day to day basis, feeding, bathing, dressing, taking to the doctors, etc)
  The relationship of the child with the parent
  If domestic violence is involved
*   The mental stability of each parent
*   Home evaluations (the suitability of your home)

These are not inclusive and could fill pages of what the courts look at. You need to have the Best Child Custody Lawyer to go through all of the laws and work for you and the best interest of your children. Attorney Trozzo and Attorney Lowery at Weston & Rock Attorneys At Law have the knowledge and experience you need. They can give you legal advice for the complex issues in MD and WV.

Do you know your rights? Do you know the home state of child if you just moved to the state less than six months ago? If you moved here less than six months ago, the home state of the child is where the child lived for the last 6 full months. See how complicated it can be?

Do you know what county to file in if you and your child’s father live in different counties? These are all complex issues of law and filing paperwork for custody in the wrong county can give the advantage to your spouse. Your child is not worth risking trying to take on the task of handling your own child custody. It is just too complex with filings at the courthouse, responding in time per court rules and federal and state laws. The Best Child Custody Lawyer at  can guide you through this process and come out with the legal outcome you deserve.

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