Celebrating the moment is one of the things weddings are best known for. It’s a time of merry-making, sentiment, and happiness. However, before you get to the main event, you’ll have to make sure that the proper arrangements have been made to ensure that everything goes right on your big day. One of those details involves choosing an officiant for the ceremony. Don’t have a clue about how to go about it? Here’s what you need to know:

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Most catholic weddings are officiated by a priest. If you want a reverend or minister to officiate, there are wedding ministers you can talk to who will make sure your every request or need is met.


Meet up with them to discuss the details and see if they’re exactly what you and your partner need, or if you feel that you have to look elsewhere. How will you know if you meet the right one?


One of the best ways to tell if you have found the right one to celebrate your wedding is based on your comfort levels around the person. If he makes you feel at ease, then that’s a good sign.


You also want someone who can make an emotional connection with you as well as with your friends and family. It would also be a nice bonus to find someone who is caring and compassionate, who respects you and your spouse, and who will bring nothing but positivity to the ceremony, says the Huffington Post. He must also be able to give much-needed solemnity at the right moments, too.


It’s an especially happy day, and an emotional time for both you and your spouse. You also want someone who can guide you and facilitate the ceremony at the same time, so you need a person who can be your emotional rock.

Keep these in mind when you look for the right person to officiate your catholic wedding in San Antonio. Good luck on finding the right one and congratulations on getting hitched!

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