In any piece of equipment, no matter how new and innovative it is, there will be components that wear down over time. This is to be expected and does not indicate that the equipment is inferior. However, routine inspections and maintenance should be the time when you notice that components need to be replaced. Quick disconnect fittings should always be highly reliable, and they should work very well to meet your system’s requirements. If you need to replace them, getting the right components will be vitally important.

Sizing Up Your Needs

Most quick disconnect fittings should be sized to the right specifications for the equipment itself. That means that the fittings should be the very same size as what is located in the equipment right now. Look for details embossed on the current fittings that can give you information about the sizing. You may also find a part number that can help you to replace those specialized or hard to find items. You also want to choose the same specific metal type and styling. Getting an exact duplication is critical here.

Going for the Details

The fittings you need should be designed for the industry you plan to use them in. They should also be able to handle the amount of pressure within the device or the system. Depending on how often they are used, you may want to choose those rated for a high level of functionality.

Take the time to compare all of the options available to you in quick disconnect fittings. Realize that the best fittings are those that are going to easily function and fit into the equipment as it is. You do not want to have to do a lot of replacement work here. Get the exact replacement in place, so your system is back up and running.

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