Jewelry safes are typically smaller units designed to provide security against intrusion. Many of these can be built into walls in order to hide from casual discovery. In fact, jewelry wall safes are considered more secure compared to traditional safes as they require the burglar to not only break the locking device, but to find the location of the safe to begin with. A compact wall safe for storing jewelry and coins of value provides peace of mind knowing your belongings are well protected.

Rugged and Secure
Compact wall safes are typically constructed from thick steel, although you’ll find other styles and models available. For example, some jewelry safes have a lead lining for protection against radiation, or are coated with flame resistant material to help protect the contents in the event of fires. Many of these types of safes are designed for resisting not just theft, but additionally against water, dust, smoke and harmful gas.

Protection against Fire
Safes come with many different ratings against explosion protection and fire damage based upon extensive laboratory testing. For instance, fire classification is determined by how long the safe offers protection to inside paper documents or other items with extreme heat exposure over a specified time. The highest rated jewelry safes will ensure stored items remain in adequate conditions even after several hours of high temperature. This type of safe is perfect for both jewelry and cash, or other personal paper documents of value.

Locking Devices
Another consideration when thinking about jewelry safes is the type of locking mechanism. Some will use manual or digital combination locks. Digital technology has become increasingly popular and offers an easy way for setting long combinations that are less susceptible to be broken. The highest level of security involves biometrics. These will require either a retina or finger scan to open. Some safes use a timing mechanism that permits the device to only be unlocked at certain times such as during normal business hours.

Wall Safe Location
The placement of the safe can play an important role in determining overall security. Quite often this is the first line of defense. There are a number of innovative strategies designed to hide wall safes from thieves. One of the most common is behind paintings. Other methods might include behind furnishings or false wood paneling. Many safe companies have other designs such as smaller units for storage that appear identical to standard power outlets and light switches.

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