Some businesses can place fire extinguishers in convenient locations and not have to worry about it. However, your facility may present hazards to fire equipment, and it may be necessary to install fire extinguisher cabinets for protection. Here are some common things to ask yourself, before making a final decision.

What Kind of Extinguishers do I Own?

Some extinguishers (like Co2 models) need more space.

Do I Want Wood or Metal Fire Extinguisher Cabinets?

You have many selections for cabinets, and some are better for your purpose. For example, with retail businesses, homes, or places where looks are important, wood gives you the best options. However, in industrial and warehouse settings, steel is a good choice, and in areas where humidity or moisture may be a problem, you may need stainless steel or aluminum. You may even need cabinets with outdoor ratings.

What Mount Options Do I Have?

Should you go with a surface mount model? These units are easy to install. However, if there are hazards from the motorized equipment, you may need the added protection of fully or partially recessed cabinets.

Before installing recessed cabinets, make sure your walls are deep enough to accommodate your new equipment. When measuring wall space, make sure to take your time and go over your measurements more than once, to ensure you don’t make any mistakes.

What Kind of Doors Should I Use?

You have three basic door options, as such:

  • Full windows
  • Partial windows
  • Solid doors

Should I Lock the Cabinets?

You can place plastic or “breakaway” padlocks on your fire extinguisher cabinets. This gives you some security, and you still have quick access. When choosing cabinets, talk to an experienced supplier about your needs. They have many years in the business, and they understand your situation. Your fire protection equipment supplier offers professional advice on these issues.

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