It may seem to be a daunting task to clean out a home that is going to be listed as a real estate agent. If waste and recycling containers are available, emptying the contents of a home can be completed in a reasonable amount of time. The tips below can be used to sort materials in each room in a home and choose to keep, sell or dispose of items.

Large Boxes And A Hand Cart

Large boxes should be placed inside of each room and items that are going to be kept should be set inside of each box. If any items are fragile, packing materials should be used to wrap items before they are placed inside of cartons so that damage does not occur. After filling boxes, they should be sealed with packing tape. A hand cart can be used to move heavy cartons from the inside of a home.

A Notebook And Labels

Additional boxes or heavy-duty trash bags can be used to store garbage and materials that can be recycled. A sorting station can be set up inside of a room by placing a couple pallets on the floor and setting boxes or bags on top of the pallets. As items are sorted, they should be placed in the appropriate containers.

If there are any items that can be sold or donated, they should be placed in a separate stack. Notes pertaining to materials sorted can be written down in a notebook and labels can be affixed to cartons or bags so that an individual knows where items should go once they are moved outdoors.

Scheduled Times To Pick Up Materials

A business that offers waste and recycling services should be contacted so that an individual can acquire a dumpster and large containers for items that are no longer needed. V. Garofalo Carting Inc. or another company that offers Recycling in Suffolk County NY encourages customers to schedule times for materials to be picked up from a commercial or residential piece of property.

Containers from a company that offers services for garbage and Recycling in Suffolk County NY can be rented for short or long-term use. Additional information about waste and recycling services can be found by visiting a trash removal company’s website.

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