When storms, accidents or vandalism cause broken glass panels in a business’s building, they need help and repairs as soon as possible to prevent interior damage and to secure the business and its contents. Commercial glass contractors in Sugar Land TX can offer this emergency service for business owners. Plywood panels can be installed to secure the building while replacement glass is ordered and cut to fit the openings involved. Business owners should have a good glass replacement company on their speed dial for just such emergencies.

Glass Comes With Tinting And Coatings

Commercial glass is not a one size fits all proposition. Glass comes in different thicknesses, strengths, and finishes. Existing glass can be changed and look new with a professional cleaning and the addition of coatings to cut glare, add privacy, and get solar advantages. The new glass can have special tintings and coatings applied before it is installed. New buildings can have the best glass installation chosen by the architect, building contractor, or building owner.

When a building is being remodeled, the owner should consider updating all the glass panels or windows and doors at the front of the building. Cracked or damaged panels should be replaced. The newer, more energy efficient glass panel choices should be considered. Changing out the glass at the entrance to a commercial building can make the whole building look new and function better. Large glass areas would benefit from one of the many available coatings to cut glare and add privacy.

When Trouble Comes

Getting a call at midnight that vandals have thrown a rock or shot a gun through a large glass window is a nightmare for many business owners. Immediate action is needed to secure the building and clean up the mess. Then, replacement glass must be ordered and installed as quickly as possible. If the business owner is a client of commercial glass contractors in sugar land TX, they can call for emergency services and get help with this emergency.

It is not OK to tape over a bullet hole or over a glass crack and wait for months or years to replace it. Call the insurance company right away to get an adjuster out to assess the glass damage and write a report. Then the insurance company will pay for at least part of the cost of fixing the window or glass panel. Check out Lonestarglass.com for additional glass replacement information.

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