Are you tired of making someone else wealthy and would like to run your own freight business? Many people think they must buy a new or used truck, but this is not the case. In fact, thanks to commercial truck leasing companies in Texas, becoming an owner-operator is not as hard as you may think.

Why Lease Your Truck?

It is not easy for some people to get a loan for a brand new commercial truck. For example, some of the best big rigs cost over one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. You can easily recoup this investment when you keep the truck on the road, but you might not qualify for a truck loan. This is the reason many people turn to commercial truck leasing companies in Texas. It is easier to qualify for a lease, and you do not have to go through all the hassles of ownership. But what if you are not sure whether being an owner-operator is right for you? Here are some benefits you may want to consider.

You Call the Shots

You decide whether you want to pick up a load for a customer. Maybe you have some important matters to tend to at home. You are the one who controls time off. When you work for a trucking company, you have little control over where you drive and where you go. As an owner-operator, you are in complete control of your occupation and your destiny.

How Much Money Do You Want to Make?

As a company driver, you have limited income opportunities. They pay you so much a mile, and you can put in extra hours, sometimes, but you cannot control this. However, thanks to commercial truck leasing companies in Texas you can set your work schedule to match your financial needs.

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