When it comes to infertility, many people immediately think of it as a problem mainly affecting women. The truth is that men also suffer from infertility. In fact, out of the couples who deal with infertility, four out of ten of them have to do with the man being the cause of the problem. The following are a few of the common infertility problems facing males and what can be done about them.

Age is one of the most common causes of infertility in men. Unlike most females, males are often able to procreate well into their 60s and even 70s. However, the older you get, the more difficult it becomes to conceive a child. If you’re a little older and have failed to conceive after a full year, you should find a service that handles Male Infertility in San Antonio TX.

If you’ve been struggling to conceive, it might also be wise to get a hormone evaluation. Testosterone is a very important hormone that affects many aspects of the body, including the production of sperm. As men get older, their bodies begin producing less and less testosterone. Luckily, there are certain hormone treatments that can be used to increase your testosterone levels.

Are you overweight? Obesity not only affects your breathing and your heart, it also can affect a man’s ability to have sex. For starters, carrying a significant amount of extra weight can cause erectile dysfunction (or ED). Obesity can also lead to hormonal changes in the body. The solution to this problem is to become more active, eat healthier and, ultimately, lose weight. The Fertility Institute of Texas may be able to offer a weight-loss plan.

These are just a handful of the common problems that lead to complications with infertility in males. If you and your significant other have failed to conceive a child after at least 12 months, you should visit a service for Male Infertility in San Antonio TX. Again, in many cases, men are the sole reason for infertility issues. If you’re an older male, your problems might be due to your age. If you’ve been feeling lethargic or not as energetic, you may be suffering from low testosterone levels. Lastly, if you’re overweight and are having problems performing, consider taking on a diet plan.

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