Exposed electrical wires or components can cause serious injuries if you tamper with them without any protection. Electrical work should only be done by a trained professional with years of experience to mitigate the risks.

A residential electrician in Scranton PA can fix the electrical problems in your house, so it’s a better idea to contact a trained electrician for this type of work. Residential electricians offer a wide range of services to their customers.

Here are a few of the most common services they offer to homeowners throughout the city.


A common problem you will face at home is related to the electrical wiring. If the wiring is exposed or gets damaged, you will start experiencing electrical fluctuation in the house. Rewiring is essential if you haven’t had any repair or maintenance work done in a long time. If you notice sparks coming out of any electrical wire in the house, you should contact a residential electrician right away. Visit  our website for more information or contact the company online to schedule a home visit shortly.

Fixing Electrical Appliances

Almost all household appliances nowadays are powered by electricity. If there’s an issue with any of your appliances, you can ask an electrician. If the issue is related to the electrical circuitry within the appliance, they will repair it for you. A residential electrician can fix the wiring or replace certain electrical components within the appliances to get them running again.

A common problem that many homeowners face is related to the circuit breakers and fuses. If the circuit breaker flips every time you turn on an appliance, you might want to get the circuit breaker checked. A more powerful circuit breaker should be installed to allow for uninterrupted electricity flow.

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