For new construction as well as when a commercial roof requires replacement, there are four types that can be used; they are:

* Thermoplastic
* EPDM (Rubber)
* PV Solar panels
* Green roofs

Each has different merits:

Thermoplastic:  Of the four types, thermoplastic is by far the fastest growing. This type of commercial roofing in Aurora IL is extremely durable; the material can withstand high as well as low temperatures which make it ideal for use in the greater Chicago area. This roof material has exceptional resistance to ozone, UV and chemicals. The minimum life expectancy of a thermoplastic roof is 20 years, they are chosen by architects and building owners alike for their ability to withstand fire, punctures and high wind.

EPDM: This roof is better known as a “rubber roof.” Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer is reasonably priced and has been in constant use since its introduction in the 1960s. It is commonly installed on low-slope roofs; it is quite durable and easily installed.

PV Solar Panels: With the ever escalating cost of energy companies are looking at ways that they can better utilize their existing commercial roofing in Aurora IL. A flat commercial roof is an ideal place to install solar panels which convert the sun’s energy into energy that can be used by the operation. Although solar panels are not yet in common use; as the cost decreases, more and more commercial roofs will be used for this purpose.

Green roofs: Another way in which commercial roofs are being used is to partially or completely cover them with vegetation. When this is done, the roof is covered by a waterproof membrane, soil and plants are then placed over the membrane. A green roof improves the building insulation considerably and it reduces urban heat. A green roof can last five times as long as the same roof without the covering.

When choosing the commercial roofing in Aurora IL factors such as the initial cost, the existing roof if the job is a replacement, the overall design of the building, projected maintenance costs, ease of repair and long term durability are all taken into account.

When all four types are pitched head to head, thermoplastic leads the way. As well as the material being naturally resistant to UV and ozone, it stays flexible as it ages. This increases the life expectancy because any foot traffic will have less of a tendency to puncture or otherwise harm the surface. Thermoplastic roofs are easy to maintain, environmentally friendly and can assist in keeping energy bills in check.

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