Commercial signs help companies boost their sales and also increase their market awareness. These signs can be used for both indoor and outdoor advertisements. Businesses usually have a great variety of signs to choose from. Below are the most common commercial signs in Oklahoma City.

Pylon Signs

These are signs that are usually seen along highways, freeways and in shopping centers. They are visible from a distance because of their size and height. You can have a single or multiple companies advertising on the same sign.

Channel Letter Signs

These are three dimension lighted letters that many businesses use for advertisement. These signs are common for hotels, and they spell its name either vertically or horizontally. For these 3D letters to be effective, they can be combined with the business’ logo.

Pole Signs

As the name suggests, these are commercial signs that are placed on a pole. They are very similar to pylon signs except for the fact they advertise a single business. Furthermore, they have a section for changeable copy letters that can be used for special events and promotions. Pole signs can be very effective if they are placed in the right location.


Some businesses choose to use a piece of canvas with the name and logo of the business printed on it. A simple frame is then erected at the building’s entrance where the canvas is mounted. They are not only classy but provide shelter for customers as they walk into the business premises.

Sidewalk Signs

Sidewalk signs normally have a chalkboard or whiteboard mounted on a stand making it possible to change their messages daily. They draw the attention of your customers from your front door. They are some of the common commercial signs in Oklahoma City.

Window Graphics

Window graphics are advertisements that can be seen on windows of many businesses. They not only advertise the business but its products or services to customers who are passing by.

Due to availability of many commercial advertisement options in Oklahoma, you must choose your ideal sign carefully. You can always use professional graphic designers to get the best sign for your business.

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