Urgent Care EMR software is designed to support and enhance productivity for urgent care facilities and emergency rooms. It allows you to accomplish all office work using one source to help your clinic’s efficiency, empowering you to keep your patients as your first priority. The program is entirely cloud-based, so pertinent medical files can be securely stored and shared with other medical facilities within the perimeters of confidentiality laws.

This software provides tools to help clinicians quickly and easily enter all necessary records to help cut down on patients’ waiting time. It empowers doctors to prescribe medication electronically so patients can start following the recommendations quickly, without having long waits for their pharmacy to receive the prescription. Also, apps give doctors the ability to check vitals from a different room. With these features, urgent care examinations can begin immediately when the doctor walks in the room, and emergency room physicians can know where they are needed most at any given time.

Billing and other management tools are built into the program so you will not need to purchase separate software programs for different tasks. These tools include assistance with accounting and calculating in order to yield accurate billing and insurance information for all patients. Financial and clinical aspects of the software are equally easy to use and customize. As a result, you will be able to make the software work in alignment with how your clinic already operates.

We will work with you to help you start using Urgent Care EMR software within a few days. The comprehensive set of tools is designed to help you provide the critical care needed, without allowing the other necessary aspects of the job to distract from the patients. As such, the software is designed to improve relationships between your clinic and your patients so they should be satisfied with the care you provide them.

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