A concrete canvas tent in Sydney is a durable product that can cover almost anything. If you have something made of concrete and it is cracking or isn’t waterproof any longer, you can use the tent system to cover the cracks and ensure that the product is waterproof once more. These tents are easy to use; many times, they can be sprayed onto the current system, which can modify it appropriately or repair the current product. The tenting system can be used for many things, including irrigation channels, erosion control, embankments, dam lining, stockyard lining, and used for flood mitigation.

A concrete canvas tent in Sydney is actually a polymer-cementitious coating, which bonds to the current geofabric and performs as the waterproof concrete liner. The product is more flexible than concrete because of the polymer properties, which allows the liner to move with your substrate and conform to it without cracking. The goal of the product is to resist human, fauna, or mechanical traffic; the membrane itself can last a decade or longer. Plus, it is certified for potable water applications and is non-flammable. Therefore, it can be used for existing pipe tanks, containment structures, and headwalls. If repairs are necessary to the tenting system, they are easy to perform and can be maintained onsite.

Infrastructure Technologies Pty Ltd focuses on developing and producing the most innovative water management products on the market. The company’s products can be used in many applications. The concrete canvas tent in Sydney can be used to improve your water infrastructure or upgrade it to be fire-resistant and waterproof. The company also produces Sewertough, which can fix degraded foundations within your wastewater management system. The Acid Coat product is also available and can fix concrete infrastructure that has been exposed to acidic solutions or vapours, ensuring that you can find appropriate products to protect your concrete structures.

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