If you think not a lot has changed since the introduction of indoor toilets in homes in the 1880s and the first dishwasher was put into a home in 1886, you would be very wrong. Thanks to advances in technology, you can now find many smart home plumbing fixtures in Bellingham, WA.

If you are tired of trying to turn on the kitchen sink when your hands are messy, consider a voice-activated kitchen sink. Just tell Alexa or Google Home what temperature you want the water, and your kitchen sink will turn on with just your voice. You can even get kids to wash their hands without a fight because they will think it is so much fun.

Another smart home plumbing fixture in Bellingham WA that you may want to consider is the toilet. While the first low-flow toilet was introduced about 30 years ago, you can find options with heated seats, voice-controlled flushing, and LED lights inside the toilet bowl.

When the first shower was installed in 1767, someone had to pump a handle to make it work, but homeowners have many different options today. Through the use of Alexa or another smart device, you can remotely start your shower and set the temperature from any room in your home. Once in the shower, you can pause the water with your voice, which helps to save water and cut down on your energy bill. These showers will even let you customize the water flow rate for each member of your family.

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