Many situations create the need for hiring an Auto Accident Attorney in Malden MA. Perhaps the most common is when the insurance company will only offer an unreasonably low payment that does not cover all the accident-related expenses. Another scenario occurs when the insurer denies the claim altogether for one reason or another.

An Unwise Agreement

Sometimes, an informal agreement between the at-fault driver and the other vehicle owner causes the problem. The person who caused the collision may have asked to leave the automotive insurance company out of the situation, fearing that the insurance rate would spike up or that the policy would be canceled if a claim was filed. If the damage was not extensive, the vehicle owner may want to be accommodating and so agrees to this proposal.

Unfortunately, not everyone is trustworthy enough to actually pay for the repair work. And, even when someone did intend to pay, the estimates may turn out to be more than he or she can afford. Instead of the expected $1,000, the estimates may be closer to $5,000. This person may stop answering calls. Without any police report or other witnesses, the vehicle owner has no idea how to proceed.

Calling About Complimentary Consultations

An Auto Accident Attorney in Malden MA typically provides complimentary consultations so men and women can find out if they have a good case. The lawyer will want to know whether the prospective client has more information about the at-fault driver besides a name and phone number. Is the address and license plate number known? Is there a way to obtain the license plate number in an effort to find out which automotive insurer covers the individual?

If hired, the lawyer might begin by contacting the at-fault driver and explaining the client’s concerns. This may be enough to motivate that person to pay.

Organizations such as the Law Offices Of Burton J. Hass normally only accept cases that are worth a significant amount of money, typically representing victims of serious accidents. Nevertheless, with the free consultation option, there is no reason to avoid giving the lawyer a call to ask a few questions. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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