When you need a dependable LED light source for emergency and work related issues, you have two basic options. You can use a corded model or a cordless LED work light. So which one is the best choice? Let’s look at this issue more closely to help you decide what’s right for you.

Pros of Corded Lights

Corded portable lights are convenient and easy to use. You never need to worry about batteries or running out of power. You can buy a corded light cheaper than most cordless models and all you need is an AC power source.

With some corded lights, the cords get in the way and cause tripping hazards. However, retracting corded lights don’t have this problem because the cord stays safely wound up and out-of-the-way.

Cons of Corded Lights

Unless you have a retractable cord light, your power cord could cause safety hazards. Also, if you lose your AC power source, the light is useless. With some corded lights, it’s not easy to unwind and wind up the cords.

Cordless LED Work Light Pros

A cordless LED light is battery-powered and it’s small, lightweight, and easy to carry and store. Since LED power is efficient, you get several hours of high-intensity light from your batteries. Also, when you buy an extra battery pack, you have light all night if you need it. You’ll experience no safety hazards like tripping on cords or electrical shock.

Cordless LED Work Light Cons

Your battery-powered LED trouble light may cost more than corded models. This is the only drawback to consider.

Making the Right Choice

Both cordless and corded LED lights are efficient and offer excellent light sources. For the most portability and convenience, choose battery power. However, corded LED light is a good light source when you have AC power nearby.

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