One of the first things most people notice about someone is his or her eyes. Dropping and sagging eyelids can create a look of fatigue, age or heaviness around the eyes. A blepharoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure that can be used to correct problems with the upper or lower eyelids and to remove excessive bags and skin.

There are many different reasons a person in Glenview eyelid surgery to correct these issues. Eyelids can droop for several reasons including trauma to the eye, fatty tissue deposits, loss of elasticity in the skin or even muscle relaxation across the forehead and the face.

Talking to Your Doctor

Not everyone is a candidate for eyelid surgery. The first step is to speak to a cosmetic surgeon and determine if this is the best way to address the changes you wish to see. While surgery is possible, many doctors prefer to try non-surgical or minimally invasive options to correct the problem if at all possible.

The doctor can also work with the patient to ensure the expectations of the surgery are correct. This procedure does not change the shape of the eye, and it may not be a permanent solution based on the specific cause of the sagging skin.

What to Expect

The cosmetic surgeon in Glenview also explains the procedure as well as provides information about recovery time. The small incisions are carefully planned to avoid any visible scars or marks around the eye after healing. Healing typically takes about one to three weeks for all swelling and discoloration to subside fully.

Full healing of the incision sites from the eyelid surgery is a few months, with age, skin color and even the natural healing rate of the individual all playing a factor in the time required. To know more visit them online at Adam J Cohen MD.

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