It is never too early for an adult to document a will. When the well being of loved ones would be at stake without a will, the time to get one is now. The details on a testament must be written in a way that is understandable to the law. An estate law lawyer in Bel Air, MD is well-versed in this branch of law. They know that the stipulations of a will and estate need to be clear and coherent for the legal system to acknowledge it as valid. An estate protects financial and tangible assets of people when they pass away. The testator of an estate identifies the relatives to whom certain assets are to be handed over. Before that can happen, an estate goes through probate. Probate is the reason an estate law lawyer in Bel Air, MD should oversee the legal documents before it is signed and official. Probate is the very process where a will is proven valid and declared as the last testament of the decedent.

There are times when creating an estate is more complicated than usual. This can be when the testator is impaired in some way, or it is believed a beneficiary will not use the assets as the decedent wishes. This is when a will is contested. A will contest is justifiable by fraud, lack of capacity, undue influence and disregarding state laws. When a person is tricked into signing a will by way of deceit, the will is null. This happens when someone makes another person believe a document is being filled out and signed for other purposes. Undue influence is when a person close to the deceased forcefully coaxed an approval to have an estate written on their terms. Lack of capacity means the decedent was not in a competent state of mind to write a will.

At Michael S. Birch, Attorney at Law, clients looking to contest a will work with legal representatives who painstakingly piece together powerful cases to be asserted in court. They collect indisputable evidence to show that the client’s request is fair and reasoned. Contesting a will is a daunting task for those who try without professional aid. This is for people who are sure their reason for contesting is valid and proof is attainable. Visit the website to learn more.

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