Being addicted to more than on habit at a time is called cross or co-occurring disorders. Typically this is common among sex addicts. Per a survey of sex addicts who are male, 87% stated they abuse addictive substances or other types of addictive behaviors together regularly. A majority of sex addicts use methamphetamines as their drug of choice for their co-occurring addiction. Since crystal meth tends to be cheaper and easier to find it has become a very popular stimulant for those that are addicted to sex.

Things Can Get Out of Control with Crystal Meth

Crystalized methamphetamines, or crystal meth, are a form of synthetic adrenaline. Adrenaline itself is a naturally occurring hormone that your body produces in tiny amounts when reacting to any type of immediate stress. It increases your alertness and energy when you require a short burst to overcome danger. Meth evokes profound feelings of intensity, power, and euphoria in a user and gives them the energy to perform whatever activity they wish, which can include sexual activity. Some users have been known to use meth so they can be sexually active for a whole day. Sometimes it can even last for three days and keeps the user from eating, sleeping, or coming down, especially if they are also using Cialis or Viagra. It has been stated by users that meth allows them to go on forever with no caring, no love, and no emotion. Meth literally makes users focus on what they want which is typically sex. It can control a user’s life to the point that they become severely obsessed and should seek methamphetamine addiction treatment.

Meth Is Exceptionally Dangerous for Sex Addicts

One of the major problems associated with meth and sex addiction is users tend to not practice safe sex. The feeling of inhibition and intoxication makes the user believe they are immune to complications associated with unsafe sex. This is especially true for meth users that are used to having many partners for many continuous hours. The risk is much greater than it seems, however. Meth users risk transmitting or contracting hepatitis, STDs, and even HIV. Sometimes meth use even leads to the abuse of other drugs to counteract meth induced impotence. It can also cause a user to become dependent upon pot, cold medicines that cause drowsiness, and sleeping pills so they can get rest since meth can keep users awake for several days at a time even after the euphoric effects have diminished.

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