If you design and manufacture products with electrical or electronic circuits, you have special needs sometimes. For example, some circuits call for inductors, transformers, chokes, and they have to meet specific requirements for manufacturing. If your business is not standard or ordinary, you sometimes need special components like custom inductors. Let’s take a brief look at the role of inductors in circuitry and the benefits of using equipment specifically designed for your applications.

What is an Inductor?

Inductors have coils of wire which resist electric current changes, as electricity passes through the coil. Inductors cause an electric current to flow as a result of electromagnetism.

Why Use Inductors?

Because an inductor has special properties, it is often used to protect circuits. Inductors can filter out EMI or electrical magnetic interference. Inductors are sometimes wired in series or parallel connections and can create isolation transformers, which allow one circuit to interact with another without direct connections.

Why Use Custom Inductors?

Maybe you plan to use components which need current above or below standard components. Instead of making changes to components you have, it’s best to use parts made specifically to serve your purpose.

Three Phase Applications

Perhaps your products are commonly used in single-phase applications, but you need something for three-phase systems. Instead of struggling to change circuits meant for single phase power, it’s best to use components designed to work in three-phase situations. This ensures the best performance with fewer chances of overloads.


What if your inductors are too large for your needs? This sometimes happens when new products use circuits from earlier models. The easiest solution to this problem involves contacting a trusted manufacturer for custom inductors. They can create air core, iron core, and many shapes. Also, you’ll have the right terminal connections and circuit protection for your needs.

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