Businesses with staff uniforms that require cleaning, hotels and restaurants using table cloths can benefit from using Commercial Laundry in Minneapolis MN services. Companies that use linens need their laundry done weekly or daily, but some can’t do the service themselves or are worried about labor costs using their own employees. The key appeal of commercial laundry services is production speed. The faster a service washes, dries and folds, the more money the business makes, and ensures their customers receive their linens quickly.

A commercial laundry operation uses washing machines because they clean fabric fast and with less water. They use high capacity tumble driers which are able to sense the dryness of fabric and shut the machine down in response. Most tumble driers use gas instead of electricity for more economical energy usage. Electric driers take time to achieve the desired temperature, while gas powered ones become hot within seconds. Some companies use hydro extractors, which have a vertical drum that spins very fast to remove water from linens. This machine works so well that material may be dry enough to skip the usual drying process.

A laundry service will iron all linens for your business as a part of the contract. Ironing by hand is tiresome and takes a large amount of time for your hourly employees to do. A Commercial Laundry in Minneapolis MN uses immense iron rollers that smooth wrinkles in seconds, faster than any human could accomplish. Folding is another chore that will need to be done in almost all cases. Let a laundry service do the legwork for you at their industrial quick pace. Folding machines can take a massive amount of laundry and automatically fold the material for customers.

The last step is for the linen to be packaged, usually in plastic, and put on to delivery trucks. A trained delivery staff will bring the freshly laundered fabric to your business. If you don’t own the right industrial equipment, trying to conduct an in house laundry service can be costly. Let a professional laundry service pass their savings to you and complete your washing duties at a lightning pace. Visit for commercial laundry services.




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