If you have found a mouse in your home, you can be sure that others are around. This is definitely a sanitary and safety concern for you and your family, so controlling mice in Bronx is certainly essential. One of the best options for making sure your home is rodent free, now and in the future, is to have a company such as Metro Pest Control, Inc. come in to handle the situation before it worsens. Generally, the most effective types of mice control in Bronx today are those that eschew poisons.

Poisons can be highly dangerous not just to you but to everyone in your home, including pets, so chemical solutions are a risk. Further, chemical rodenticides are often discouraged by pest control experts because they can result in mice ingesting the poison and then being trapped somewhere within your home, only to produce terrible smells as they start to decompose.

The mice control option recommended by the experts typically involves carefully sanitizing the entire home. This is ideally done by experts because any area where mice droppings were found. The disease spread by mice can make humans extremely ill, and it can have the same impact on your pets. If you handle any mouse droppings or touch any area where the mice have been, it is essential that you are fully protected and your skin doesn’t come in contact.

After sanitizing the home and removing anything the mice have left behind, the pest control contractor will being the exclusion process. With exclusion, the focus is on locating the tiny holes and cracks that the mice could be entering the home from and making sure that they are properly closed off. This can involve a number of different materials, and the changes made to the building will be permanent so that the mice can’t destroy the material or pull it out only to re-enter. The ideal way to remove the mice that are already in the home is to trap them using snap traps. This is the best way to make sure that they have been caught and removed. As always, it is vital to be fully protected and wash your hands with anti microbial soap if you should have to touch the traps.

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