As with most weapons, each component of the AR series of guns has an essential function. There are no parts or components on the guns specifically for aesthetic purposes, and they are all stock when purchased new.

However, one of the big advantages of the AR-15s and other similar styles of weapons is the ability to change out the stock parts and components with relative ease. This is ideal to increase the performance of a weapon by customizing it to the needs and preferences of the shooter. It is also a great way to add a personal look to the weapon, creating something that is truly unique and has a style that is all its own.

The Handguards

The AR Handguards is a great example of an aftermarket part that is easy to change out for anyone, even those without any previous gunsmithing experience or expertise. These are also parts of the AR weapons which serve both a functional as well as an aesthetic purpose.

Choosing the type and style of hand AR handguards to add to a weapon starts with thinking about why you are making a change. Different types of handguards and rails are better for adding accessories while others can have a direct impact on the accuracy of the weapon.

Important Factors

Most people are interested in more than one factor when choosing handguards. They may want to create more of a military look to the weapon while also having the ability to add accessories. They may also want to have a very classic look in AR handguards but use the latest in lightweight, durable materials.

Of course, the cost of the handguard will also be a consideration. Take the time and look at the various options, decide the functional and aesthetic factors you need, then shop from a reputable, US-based manufacturer.

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