As with many products that involve electricity and information technology, the ability to adapt from one source of power to another is often times highly useful. Whether we are referring to the power to change from AC to DC current or instead it is necessary to modify the source of the supply itself, adaptability is key to success in the electronic age. One example of how this can be accomplished can be seen in the C14 to 15-r adapter. Due to the fact that this device is quite common in the IT world, it only makes sense to take a closer look into how it operates and some of its key characteristics.

Nomenclature Explained

One of the first things that many will notice in regards to this adapter is the rather technical name that it has been given. So, what exactly is a C14 to 15-r adapter? Will, C14 is simply a designation that is used for the power cords that normally supply power to a computer. On the other hand, 15r is the standard receptacle that is used in most 15 ampere AC power supplies (think of a household or industrial outlet). So, the entire device is simply a means to bridge the technical gap between these two different power sources.

A Wide Variety of Uses

Obviously, the benefit to adapt between different sources is quite advantageous for both home and business use. One of the first benefits of C14 to 15-r adapter is its rather diminutive size. As it is normally but a few inches in length, it is a great space-saver in environments that may be full of other wires and cables. Secondly, the C14 to 15-r adapter can be rated at a number of amperes and voltages (although the standard rating is for a 125 volt, 15 ampere circuit). Finally, the robust construction of the unit itself will guarantee a level of fire safety into any environment. If we then couple these aspects with the ability to universally fit into any C14 receptacle, the advantages of this adapter become clear.

As with most common electrical adapters, a wide variety of this type can be found with the help of the Internet. As they are also extremely cheap and durable, they can often be seen in great numbers in a computing or office environment. These are a few of the fundamental reasons why this type of adapter enjoys a wide popularity in modern times.

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