Heating repair is something most homeowners do not want to have to face because of the expense. Unfortunately, putting off heating repairs can lead to major disruptions in service and could destroy the heating system. Prompt repairs keep a system operating properly and allow homeowners to protect their investments while keeping their homes warm and safe during the coldest of the winter months. With this information, homeowners will know what they should look for when it comes time for Heating Repair in Loveland CO.

These warning signs should alert a homeowner to problems with their gas furnace.

* Some rooms of a home may feel colder than others during the winter months. Outside of known drafts, this issue can sometimes be caused by a faulty thermostat or a ductwork problem. Either issue can prevent the normal function of the system and can cause skyrocketing costs for a homeowner.

* If a gas furnace’s flame has turned yellow or there are soot marks around the furnace unit, it is imperative the homeowner shuts off the unit, opens windows, and vacates the property. This is a sign of potential carbon monoxide issues and can be life-threatening if ignored.

* Modern gas furnaces are able to keep the air quality in a home at a more superior level than in the past. If a home is suddenly becoming dry and dusty or moldy and too damp, the furnace may be to blame.

* If the occupants of a home are having headaches, experiencing allergy symptoms, or dealing with aches and pains, these can sometimes be caused by a faulty furnace that is emitting low levels of carbon monoxide. If these symptoms are present in the occupants of a home, it behooves the owner to have their furnace checked right away.

If these signs of problems are present in your home, it may be time for Heating Repair in Loveland CO. If you are in need of these services, contact Poudre Valley Air. They will provide you with the superior heating repair services your home is in need of so you can rest assured your family will be safe and warm this winter.

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