Water damage occurs for many reasons. When a large influx of water occurs, such as with storms and flooding, professional intervention is often needed. With the professionals, water damage cleanup Albany will be taken care of precisely, so the home is clean and put back in order. Homeowners need to know what to expect from the cleanup process so they will be properly prepared.

Understanding the Steps Involved

There are many steps that will take place in the process of water damage cleanup Albany. These steps must be carried out methodically so the home and occupants can be protected. Most of the time, the occupants of a home will need to vacate while the cleanup process is being carried out. Due to the water in the home, the electricity needs to be shut off immediately, to ensure no electric shock occurs. The following are the steps that will be taken in the process.

  • The first step is one of the most important and involves the removal of the standing water. When the water is not removed, it will be difficult for the team to be able to assess the damage. Standing water creates issues with mold and mildew growth that can become difficult to deal with and even dangerous. The standing water needs to be removed as soon as possible, to prevent ongoing damage.
  • The team will then come in and work towards the drying out phase. During this phase, high-powered fans and dehumidifiers are used so the home can dry up quickly. Not only will there be a lot of water left behind in porous areas, but the air can also be saturated. Moisture levels need to be brought down quickly.
  • The cleanup process will begin, and the team will remove destroyed materials and replace them while carrying out an extensive cleaning of the home. This part of the process can be a lengthy one, depending on how much damage has occurred.

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