Arguably one of the most monumental decisions of your life, where you choose to spend your senior years will have resounding effects on your future and family alike. Unfortunately, too many put off this decision until ill-health or injury incapacitates their autonomy, often rendering them incapable of making the choice on their own. At The Chelsea, we believe that independence is key to integrity, and we are proud to offer an extensive array of services across a multitude of facilities, allowing you freedom to age in grace. Consider the following benefits of transitioning to senior care earlier rather than later:

Ease of Transition

Adapting to a new environment is difficult for anyone, let alone seniors nearing their final stage of life. Take advantage of your health while it lasts to integrate into a new community, building your network of support and becoming more comfortable before disability or disease make it a struggle.

Health Protection

Rather than waiting for the inevitable, the decision to move into senior care while still in good health allows your facility team to truly understand your needs. Designed specifically for your medical and mental health requirements, the range of support and services at all levels of senior care ensures that you are less likely to suffer injury or illness than you would while living at home or alone.

Estate Planning

Amongst all the other barriers of aging, estate planning can be one of the most overwhelming. Manage the sale and inheritance of homes, vehicles, and valuables while your mental and physical faculties are still alert.

Support and Input

While it is commendable to wish that you could age on your own, the reality of the human body makes it nearly impossible to do so. Gather the support and input of your loved ones when making your decision to transfer to a higher level of care, arranging visits and empowering your choice to do what is right.

For questions, concerns, or to discuss the next big decision in your life, stop in to chat with the caring and compassionate team at The Chelsea or visit us online at

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