Do you own a gun or are thinking of purchasing one? If so, you know how important gun safety is. If you have children in your home it is even more important that you follow safety guidelines to gun ownership. Whether you are buying a gun for protection, for hunting, or simply to shoot at a range, you need to understand the responsibilities and take the time to educate yourself about Gun Safety in Louisville KY.

Do Not Store Your Gun Loaded

You do not want to take the chance that an inquisitive child can find your gun and injure themselves or others. Store your gun unloaded, with the ammo in a separate place. Of course you will want to ensure that both the gun and ammo are in a locked cabinet, gun safe, or other approved storage choice. Even if you live alone, you don’t want to leave your gun out and have it fall into the hands of someone who isn’t trained to use it. Find out more about proper gun storage options with Gun Safety in Louisville KY.

Don’ t Point The Gun At Anything But The Target

Whether you are shooting targets at a range or are hunting deer, you want to ensure safety first. Keep your gun pointed at the ground if not actively shooting, and always take care to look beyond your target to see what else is in the area. Attending a course in Gun Safety in Louisville KY, can give you more pointers on the proper way to handle a gun.

Don’t Touch The Trigger Until You Are Ready To Fire

It is unsafe to keep your finger on the trigger when you are not actively shooting. Unless you are firing your gun keep your finger OFF the trigger. You don’t want to sneeze and accidently injure yourself or anyone else.

Sign up for classes to learn more about Gun Safety in Louisville KY. A general safety class is a great way to be introduced to gun safety. Many ranges can offer classes to a variety of ages so you can involve your whole family and ensure that they understand the importance of following the rules that you set into place. Many also offer gun rentals so that you can practice shooting and handling a gun if you haven’t purchased one of your own.

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