Homeowners don’t have to know a great deal about electricity as long as they rely on Electricians in Lake Tapps Wa to make new installations and manage problems that arise. Those electricians know which devices must have their own circuits and they know which appliances must have 240-volt outlets instead of the usual 120-volt models. They can upgrade wiring and circuitry as needed in the home.

Remodeling in Kitchens and Bathrooms

Electricians in Lake Tapps Wa may be needed during a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project. Although people might think of plumbers as primary contractors for extensive remodeling in these rooms, electricians often are called in to make changes. The homeowners might be having a built-in electric oven and range removed, for instance. They’ll be having a gas model installed. The electricians disconnect the electric components and the plumbers extend the existing gas line to the kitchen, then hook up the new appliance.

Higher-Voltage Outlets

The 240-volt outlets are necessary to run many appliances. Motors in these appliances usually require this level of voltage, but other equipment may need it as well. Clothes dryers, central air conditioners and furnaces, electric ovens and electric water heaters are examples of some appliances that may require these outlets. The electrician will know how to proceed.

More Small Appliances

The addition of small appliances may even require changes to the electrical system. For example, upgrading to a larger microwave oven can put a substantially larger draw on the system. Trying to run another appliance on the same circuit can cause the breaker to trip to prevent overload. If the homeowners want the microwave oven, toaster and coffeemaker on the same area of the countertop, they may need a contractor such as Kraft Electrican to install an additional outlet and circuit for the microwave. The other two can run on the same outlet and circuit.

Running all these devices on the same circuit is not a problem unless two are being operated at the same time. Many people like to do this, though. They’ll heat up a cup of coffee while toasting some bread, so they need the additional wiring.

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