If an elevator has a major problem, it can be scary. That’s why building owners need to take maintenance and Elevator Repair in Arlington VA seriously. When a person gets stuck on an elevator, it’s something they won’t soon forget. The worse-case scenario is a catastrophic failure after an elevator has been neglected and warning signs ignored.

Power Problems

When it comes to maintenance and Elevator Repair in Arlington VA, building owners have to keep in mind that both old and new elevators can be affected by power problems. If a system has it’s voltage upgraded, an elevator’s operation could be affected. A close inspection by a qualified detection can determine if an elevator is getting too much or too little voltage for proper operation.

Lubrication Issues

Over time, an elevator can develop issues with lubrication. Contamination can definitely become a major problem. When seals get worn due to use, particles can get into the lubrication. When lubrication gets extremely contaminated, the parts that it is lubricating will begin to suffer. Although the particles might be small, enough of them will begin to cause wear and tear for important components. The quality of lubrication can be easily tested by a professional.

Checking Bearings

It’s known that problems with bearings are the main cause of elevators having the motor failure. Bearing problems can cause excessive vibration within an elevator’s motor. Bearings that fail prematurely have to be corrected as soon as possible or the elevator’s motor can be irreversibly damaged. Replacing an elevator’s motor is usually more costly than having to repair it. Anyone who is having issues with their elevator can visit a website like elevatortechnologiesinc.com to contact someone who can talk things over with them. It’s easy to set an appointment for inspection.

Elevators are convenient and are used to move both people and cargo. Some building’s have service elevators that allow people to move heavy objects easily from floor to floor. It’s important to have all elevators inspected on a regular basis. Certificates of inspection should be placed inside of elevators to give the people who use elevators the proper peace of mind.

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