A home is a major and expensive purchase. It is important that homeowners protect their home from various threats and damages to maintain the value and safety of their home. Termites are one of the biggest threats a home can face. These tiny invaders often go undiscovered until there is serious and costly damage in the home. Homeowners must be proactive in their care of the home to prevent Termites in Columbia MD. Fortunately, there are exterminating companies that offer assistance in this process.

What are Termites?

Termites are tiny insects that create large colonies in and feed on wood. These insects work non-stop to borrow into any type of wood material they can find to build their network of tunnels. These insects can invade a home and cause serious damage to the structure of the home without being seen. These invasive insects can cause serious structural damage to a home in as little as one to eight years. Professional assistance is often necessary for completely removing Termites in Columbia MD.

Identifying Termites

There are some signs that there is a termite invasion. Subterranean termites can leave mud tunnels on the walls outside the home as they make their way to the wood materials. Sometimes, these insects are mistaken as white ants due to the similarities in appearance. Frass is a combination of wood bits and droppings from termites, this can sometimes be noticed in areas where the termites have colonized. Weakened or hollowed areas of wood are also a sign of an infestation.

Getting Rid of Termites

Professional exterminators have methods for removing termites from the home. They can apply a variety of treatments that can kill these invaders. However, it is best to prevent these insects from ever reaching the home. Many exterminators provide baiting systems and deterrents to keep termites from the home. It is recommended that homeowners have their homes inspected and treated for termites every year.

Termites can be hard to identify and even harder to get rid of completely. This is why it is important to contact a professional when dealing with these invasive insects. They are trained and skilled in providing homes the protection they need to stay safe from these infestations. Contact us for more information about these and other pest removal services.

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