You could offer a fantastic product or service through your company, but unless you build a strong foundation and focus on the satisfaction of your customers, things could crumble before they even begin. Customer service should be your number one priority as a business owner, so why not invest in VoIP solutions in Melbourne? From creating high-value reports to getting the best from your people and technology, VoIP solutions can greatly optimise workflow and make software integration that little bit easier. In addition to this, it offers the following business benefits.

What is Voice over Internet Protocol?

Voice over Internet Protocol is otherwise known as VoIP, and it is becoming a popular choice for businesses in the Melbourne area and beyond. VoIP solutions in Melbourne are designed to send voice data in packets. The major benefit is that no costs are incurred, therefore cost of doing business with your customers is dramatically reduced. VoIP is also appealing because the software and hardware offers an online telephone call alternative to standard telephone calls, and when you consider the fact that devices can access Internet on the move, the possibilities are endless!

How can it Benefit Business?

Numerous applications are available when it comes to VoIP solutions in Melbourne, and there is something to suit every budget. A lot of small and big businesses are making the switch because VoIP comes with a range of valuable features, such as:


  • Find me and follow me call routing


  • Fax to Email


  • Auto attendant


  • Call Queues


  • Do not disturb technology
  • Voicemail to email

Another popular feature is virtual conference rooms allowing you to collaborate with teams that are not located in the same place. Easy to use, it makes managing teams of people easier, thus allowing you to save time and pay attention to other areas of business.

Types of VoIP Services

There is no wonder why businesses in every niche are implementing VoIP solutions, because there are multifarious services on offer. The way you think about making long-distance phone calls will instantly change when you implement services of this kind, because when this digital data is instantly transmitted over the World Wide Web, you allow customers and colleagues to make free phone calls through the Internet. Convenient and straightforward, this emerging technology is available in three forms – Computer-to-Computer, IP Phones and via your phone system.

For all of your VoIP solutions in Melbourne, turn to SouthEast IT for assistance. You can speak to a member of the team about networking and offsite backups.

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