One of the reasons why students feel frustrated when living in a dorm is because they have to abide by many rules. It makes them feel like they are controlled. If you are going to be starting university classes soon and want to be treated like an adult, student apartments in Fort Collins may be the right option for you.

With student apartments, you won’t have someone monitoring you at all times. You can choose when you have guests visit your apartment. While you have to be respectful of your neighbors and keep the property in good condition, no one is monitoring your noise levels and watching what you are doing. You have a lot more freedom in student apartments in Fort Collins.

Another benefit of living in student apartments is that you will have more space. Depending on the floor plan you choose and if you decide to have roommates, you will likely have a private bedroom and private bathroom. You can make meals and store food in a full-size kitchen. This will save you money.

Student housing offers many amenities that are not available in a dorm. This includes a steam room, sauna, pool, volleyball court, hammock lounge, and fire pit. You can even get an apartment that is pet-friendly. You will be located close to campus and enjoy the convenience associated with the private shuttle bus that takes you to CSU campus.

Visit to learn how The Cottages of Fort Collins is a newly built student housing community that offers spacious cottage-style residences and a variety of amenities.

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