If you need a download cord, flash card, or a monitor for holter, you want to be sure the equipment you get is reliable and affordable. Wearing a holter can be stressful, so you want to be sure the data provided to your doctor is accurate and you do not have to wear the holter longer than necessary.

Why Wear a Holter Monitor?

A holter monitor keeps track of your heart rhythm. You generally wear them for one or two days. The monitor records your heartbeat during this time. Wearing a holter monitor is usually one component of a series of diagnostic tests. Typically the doctor will perform an electrocardiogram first. If the doctor decides he needs additional information after performing the electrocardiogram, he may ask you to wear a holter monitor. If the reason for the irregularity cannot be determined, your doctor may want you to wear a wireless holter. The wireless holter can be worn for weeks, providing much more data for your doctor.

The cardiac holter monitor is used to determine the reason for heart issues such as an irregular heartbeat. Your doctor may ask you to wear a holter if you have a health condition that can lead to heart conditions even if you are not currently experiencing symptoms.

If you require equipment to monitor your holter, purchase from a reliable medical supply company. Wearing a holter is risk-free and painless and can give your doctor important information. It is important to use equipment that provides reliable, dependable results.

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