A growing safety and environmental concern is the amount of dust that is being creating by a variety of industries. The industries that create a large amount of dust and other airborne particles might surprise you: construction, healthcare, manufacturing (fabric, rubber, plastic, etc.), thermal industries, food production companies, and more. One of the most innovative systems that are being created to help control this are dust suppression systems. These creative systems are able to eliminate and decrease the particles in the air, providing a safer environment. When researching these systems you should be aware of:

  • The benefits
  • How they work
  • Where to find them

The Benefits
It seems to be common knowledge for people working in these dust-prone industries that breathing in dust is dangerous, however, many are not aware that even when they think it has all settled, enough is lingering for it to be dangerous. Not only can exposure to these particles cause long term health problems, it can also create a hazardous work environment. Dust can settle into machinery making them not run as efficiently and more dangerous. For those not in closed off areas, this dust creates more pollution, harms the environment, and surrounding ecosystems. Dust suppression systems eliminate these dangers, allowing business to progress hand-in-hand with safety.

How They Work
The most popular and efficient systems suppress dust by spraying a mist into the air, which causes the dust particles to weigh down and drop to the ground. This means they are no longer dangerous to the environment and the workers in the area. Most of these systems even survive dual purposes: having fans attached to cool an area that would overheat because of the work and production being done within them.

Where to Find Them
This part can become a little challenging because you want to make sure you find a company that has been in business for years. This means that they know your needs, can help you identify them, and provide the right product. You need to find a company that is constantly improving their systems, has warranties, and guarantees quality. Once you do this, you are on your way to achieving a safer and better work place.

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