While there is a lot of research and planning required for hosting any special event, there are a few things that are especially important when using an outdoor venue. If you aren’t sure whether you want to go with indoor or outdoor, these factors might help you make the decision. We’ll go over the most important factors below.

Having a Plan for Bad Weather

It might rain on the day of your event. It might be super cold or too humid to be comfortable. There are a lot of weather situations that need to be planned to ensure an excellent event. Ask yourself what options are available as a backup if any of these things happen. You can also speak with the special event venues you are considering to see what recommendations they can offer.

Consider Power Requirements

When you choose an outdoor venue, you need to be aware of what your power source will be and whether you may need additional generators. You also want to know how much power your event’s entertainment will require. Get in touch with the venues you are interested in to see what options are available regarding power. Most quality venues will have recommendations for catering to your needs.

Ask About Indoor Facilities

You want to be sure that the outdoor venue is close to important indoor facilities, such as bathrooms. Also, you need to ensure that there will be enough room for the guests you are bringing along. If needed, you may be able to rent handwashing sinks and port-a-potties to make up for the extra. However, most venues will have a policy and provide the appropriate facilities needed.

Terrain and Activity Appropriateness

You want to be sure special event venues you choose to offer a beautiful landscape, but there are additional considerations. If you are having an athletic event, an uneven terrain might be alright. However, this might not be appropriate for a musical performance. You also want to be aware of the local rodents, wildlife, and insects that could be present at your event and consider any requirements they bring up.

Fun at the Lake

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